About favius

favius stands for pure materials, aesthetics and craftsmanship – made in Germany. The passion for timeless design beyond fast-moving fashions is mirrored in every piece of furniture and accessory. Christian Stoffel’s zeal for workmanlike manufacture and his sense of beauty led to the formation of his company favius. Its portfolio not only offers his own creations but is completed, with stylistic command, by objects of carefully selected designers.

Materials and manufacturing methods are chosen in a fashion to make the furniture and accessories of favius last for decades and to emphasize the sheer beauty of the materials chosen. Naturalness and quality are combined to visual, technical and haptic perfection. To buy favius furniture and accessories is a conscious decision against mass consumerism and for saving the environment. The puristic products are a daily pleasure to behold, deeply enrich one’s life and are a joy for generations.

The furniture and accessories are exclusively manufactured in small or medium sized firms in Germany, in close vicinity to Regensburg. They are produced in co-operation with hand-picked specialists of their respective crafts, whose experience in dealing with porcelain, glass and stone, in constant exchange with the designers concerning materials and their treatment, leads to unique products. The materials favius uses will raise your awareness for the finite nature of the earth’s resources. Wood, brass and leather are treated in a way to preserve their genuineness.