by Anna Weber

The turned bowl DEN captivates by its pronounced versatility. Its flowing radii can be used as a slightly bent tray or, turned, as a deep bowl. Thus, the sophisticated bowl adapts to individual requirements. The charming reflections of the pressed brass body will either harmonize with the oak or contrast with the dark walnut. The optional brass element serves as a lid, a saucer or a little bowl of its own, developing a special patina over time, unless being treated with a special care product.


Anna Weber

Anna Weber was born in Detmold. After her training as a carpenter she studied industrial design at prestigious Burg Giebichenstein Art College in Halle on Saale. In 2013 Anna Weber founded there her own design studio for furniture and accessories. Her products have been on display at fairs in Cologne, Milan and London and they captivate through clear-cut and austere use of forms.  Quality of material and workmanship have always been the focus of her objects.


Solid wood: European oak, oiled

Solid wood: American walnut, oiled

Lid (Optional)

Brass: Grinded

All dimensions are in the unit millimeters.