by Anna Weber

When Anna Weber designed the vase GLASGOW, she was inspired by the mood of a misty landscape. Just like a thick fog GLASGOW disguises its contents in a mystic haze. Each vase is traditionally blown in a special beech wood mould in one of the oldest glass-blowing companies in the Bavarian Forest. This traditional method in combination with two different, mingling glass colours makes every object unique. Thus, bubbles and an uneven surface are a sign of quality and craftsmanship.


Anna Weber

Anna Weber was born in Detmold. After her training as a carpenter she studied industrial design at prestigious Burg Giebichenstein Art College in Halle on Saale. In 2013 Anna Weber founded there her own design studio for furniture and accessories. Her products have been on display at fairs in Cologne, Milan and London and they captivate through clear-cut and austere use of forms.  Quality of material and workmanship have always been the focus of her objects.


Hand-blown glass: Crystal / Opal white

All dimensions are in the unit millimeters.