Network Stool

Design: Christian Stoffel

When Christian Stoffel visited the observation tower on Killesberg in Stuttgart, he was immediately inspired to create his furniture series NETWORK. Characteristically, the rod whose filigree design enhances its unobtrusiveness, is placed in the centre. The complete surface of the structure is powder coated in matt black, emphasizing the finely woven wire mesh. The shiny stainless steel net is stretched in lozenge shape to give the table stability and its unique “Mae West” shape. The seat is upholstered with high-quality leather. It is in harmony with the shape of the construction, its firm upholstery offering at the same time perfect support.


Christian Stoffel

Christian Stoffel was born in Eggenfelden. From his early childhood on, he was acquainted with furniture, fabrics and craftsmanship due to his grandparents´ interior design business. This helped develop his passion and dedication for design, aesthetics and the interest in different materials. So it was only logical that he chose the vocational training as a carpenter, which was the basis for the concept of his own design office. He created individual design-solutions for clients in the private as well as in the commercial sector and in the course of time, developed own products, which have been re-producted several times and which were already made in collaboration with different manufactureres. That is why he came to the decision to found favius: a brand that stands for puristic elegance, timeless design and high-quality materials.

Frame: Powder-coated steel

Jet black, matt (RAL 9005)

Cover: Leather group B


Anthracite grey